Natalie & Tim                       

One could say we 'took a risk' with Nadine because she is newer in the business than some of the others on here, but I knew I would be taking a risk to NOT work with her! I am a bride who appreciates authenticity, creativity, artistic skills and a non-cookie cutter approach and that is what you get with Nadine! I seriously watched videos from over a 100 videographers and I was just bored. When I found Nadine, I was intrigued! She really has this ability to capture the sheer joy, romance, fun, goofiness and silly moments in a wedding! What's crazy is that watching the videos, we never remember her being there, so she somehow manages to capture the moments without being in your face or shining bright lights! As a new yorker, I love her originality and I love how she mixes old school film with modern technology. Nadine will make you feel very special from start to finish! We are so grateful that we have these memories archived and filmed forever! We have already watched our videos numerous times and we still cry and all of our friends and family agree that Nadine did such an amazing job! Highly recommended!!!!

Liz & Tommy

"Leading up to the wedding, every married couple we know gave the same advice- it goes so quickly, try to enjoy every minute.  And it was true, those 6 hours went by in what felt like 15 minutes.  And 3 months later, it’s still such a blur.  But since receiving the video from Compendium Films, we’ve been able to, in many ways, relive our wedding day and it is the best gift we’ve given ourselves.  The video captured everything that we wanted the wedding to be- sincere, romantic, artfully curated, elegant and fun.  Nadine and her assistant caught all those special split-second moments that easily could have gone unnoticed- from the looks exchanged between me and my sisters as we were getting ready, to the reactions of guests as they entered the dining room- it was all there for us to remember.  But on the wedding day, it was easy to forget Nadine was even there.  She was silent and invisible and ninja-like!"

"The music is also a major contributor to the continuity of the film.  Each song is carefully selected and perfectly paired with each scene.  Some special songs were taken from the wedding, familiar and meaningful, and others were songs or artists we’d never heard but fit seamlessly into the film and have now become favorites."

"I can’t say enough about how incredible the final product of the video is and how much my husband and I love it.  It is definitely not your typical wedding video.  There is something so exquisite about the angle from which each frame is shot, the way the natural light is used, the way the videographers managed to document our family and friends so accurately and the way she captured the two of us, so in love and so happy.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Nadine, for all the hard work and love you poured into the film.  We are so grateful to have these memories documented so beautifully." 

Lynne & Brad

"If I could give Nadine and Compendium Films a 10-star review, I would. Our experience with her was effortless from start to finish; and we couldn’t be more in love with the film. Before the wedding, Nadine took the time to get to know my husband and me, which was invaluable, since it allowed our personalities to shine through in our wedding film. The video made us laugh and cry, and we are so proud to show it to our family & friends, who are always blown away by the exceptional professionalism of the film. Nadine is so much more than a videographer; she is an artist, cinematographer, magic-maker, and true perfectionist. I love how she uses different filming-styles for each part of the day, embracing the mood of each chapter. Her styles appropriately range from documentary, to romance, to film noir, to comedy, allowing the movie to represent the various emotions displayed throughout the day. Nadine is also a music aficionado, which to our delight shined through in our wedding video. She took note of some songs that were important to us, and used her creative freedom to select a few others. And because of this, Music transformed into one of our most valued wedding guests. Compendium Films videos are not your typical cheesy wedding videos, but rather timeless movies that you will immediately add to your all-time favorite classics. Nadine bottled up all the magic from our extraordinary day, and we are eternally grateful to have the gift of reliving all our special moments for years to come. Thank you Nadine!" 

Lorna & Sammy

"My husband and I were completely thrilled with the results of Nadine's wedding videography! Her work is very high quality and beautifully tailored to the couple. Our family and friends all said they loved watching it too, and it's likely because Nadine does a great job of incorporating bits of dialogue from the day and well-wishes from the guests to give a really personal feel. I was very happy with how she captured the highlights as well as small details, and set it all to such beautiful music that complimented our vision and style for the wedding."

"Beyond all this, Nadine is a very kind person and is great to work with – such a calm presence is always nice for the bride to have around on the big day!  She was also very timely in completing the video.  I highly recommend her work!"